1. This agenda is subject to revision and may be amended prior to the scheduled meeting.  A final agenda will be posted at the District office at 5 Harris Court, Monterey,  72 hours prior to the meeting, and copies will be available at the Board meeting.  Staff notes regarding these agenda items will be available for public review on Thursday, March 14, 2002 through Monday, March 18, 2002 at the District office and at the Carmel, Carmel Valley, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Seaside libraries. 
  2. The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for April 15, 2002.
    Regular Meeting
    Board of Directors
    Monterey Peninsula Water Management District
    March 18, 2002
    7:00 PM Session
    Monterey City Council Chambers
    Pacific and Madison, Monterey CA 93940


    5. ORAL COMMUNICATIONS Anyone wishing to address the Board on Consent Calendar, Informational Items, Staff Reports or matters not listed on the agenda may do so during Oral Communications. Please limit your comment to three minutes. The public may comment on Action and Public Hearing items at the time they are considered by the Board.
    1. CONSENT CALENDAR Routine items for which staff has prepared a recommendation. Approval of the Consent Calendar ratifies the staff recommendation. The public may address the Board on any Consent Calendar item during the Oral Communications portion of the meeting. Please limit your comments to three minutes.
      1. Consider Approval of Minutes from the Strategic Planning Session of February 21, 2002 and the Regular Board Meeting of February 28, 2002
      2. Consider Authorization to Purchase Portable Dredge for California Coastal Salmon Recovery Program Grant
      3. Consider Authorization and Expenditure of Emergency Drought Reserve Funds to Hire Seasonal Fish Rescue Workers
      4. Receive Status Report on Monterra Ranch Annual Report
      5. Consider Adoption of Treasurer's Report for February 2002
      1. General Manager's Report
        1. Report on March 12, 2002 Meeting Regarding Las Garzas Creek
      1. Attorney's Report
        1. Report on Closed Sessions of February 28 and March 18, 2002
      1. Directors' Reports
        1. Board Comments and Referrals
      1. CONTINUED TO APRIL 15, 2002 BOARD MEETING -- Consider Appeal of Staff Decision Regarding Documentation of Water Fixtures at 3105 Seventeen Mile Drive, Pebble Beach - Ken and Sharene Virnig
          Action: The Board will consider an appeal of a staff decision to document the existence of two large bathtub/showers at 3105 Seventeen Mile Drive, Pebble Beach. The applicant claims that two large bathtubs were installed without permits. The applicant is requesting the Board direct staff to rescind the previous documentation of these water fixtures. Public comment will be received on this item. This item has been continued at the request of the appellant and the property owner.
      2. Consider Continued Use of Commercial Water Use Factors and Residential Fixture Credit Methodology for On-Site Credits
          Action: The Board will consider action to: (a) stop all on-site credits until updated calculations can be implemented, or (b) use interim methodology of actual use over past years (averaged, exact number of years to be determined) or calculated credit, whichever is less. The Board's Water Demand Committee recommendation will be presented. Public comment will be received on this item
      1. Consideration of Appeal Fees
          Action: Per Board direction in December 2001, the Board will receive a report on existing appeal fees and appeal fee structure, including input from the Administrative Committee and the Policy and Technical Advisory committees, and give direction. Public comment will be received on this item.
      1. Consider Approval of Amendments to Fiscal Year 2001-2002 MPWMD Budget
        1. Action: At mid-year, District staff routinely reviews the budget and proposes revisions that will ensure continuance of the District's programs and facilitate changes in the District's priorities. A draft amended budget is presented for Board consideration. Public comment will be received.
      1. Consider Adoption of April through June 2002 Quarterly Water Supply Strategy and Budget
        1. Action: The Board will consider approval of a proposed production strategy for the California-American Water Distribution System for the three-month period of April through June 2002. The strategy sets monthly goals for surface and ground water production from various sources within the California-American water system. Public comment will be received on this item.
      1. Receive Public Comment on Draft 2001 MPWMD Annual Report
        1. Action: The District's enabling legislation requires that a public hearing be conducted on the annual report in March. Public comment will be received on this item.
      1. Consider Approval of Contract Amendment with Jones & Stokes for EIR/EIS on MPWMD Water Supply Project
        1. Action: The Board will consider authorizing the General Manager to amend an existing contract with Jones & Stokes Associates for preparation of an Environmental Impact Report and Statement (EIR/EIS) on a long-term water supply project for the Monterey Peninsula, based on Board direction at the January 16 and February 21, 2002 strategic planning workshops. The Board will review the scope of services, cost and time line for major milestones. The Board would also authorize the General Manager to develop a financing program for the EIR/EIS which could include a revised Reimbursement Agreement with the California-American Water Company.
      2. Receive Report on and Discuss Pebble Beach Company Proposal Dated December 6, 2002 for Financing Phase II Improvements to CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project
        1. Action: The Board will receive a report and discuss the latest proposal from the Pebble Beach Company for financing Phase II improvements to the CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project. The Board will consider the authorization of a plan to assess the Pebble Beach proposal comprehensively and independently. Public comment will be received on this item
    1. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS/STAFF REPORTS The public may address the Board on Informational Items and Staff Reports during the Oral Communications portion of the meeting. Please limit your comments to three minutes.
      1. Letters Received
      2. Committee Reports
      3. Strategic Plan Update
      4. Monthly Water Supply Project Report
      5. Carmel River Fishery Report
      6. Water Conservation Program Report
      7. Water Use Credit Transfer Status Report
      8. Monthly Cal-Am Sales Report
      9. Monthly Cal-Am Production Report
      10. Monthly Allocation Report
      11. Production Report - CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project
      12. Monthly Water Supply Status Report
    1. ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION As permitted by Government Code Section 54956 et seq., the Board may adjourn to a closed or executive session to consider specific matters dealing with pending or threatened litigation, certain personnel matters, or certain property acquisition matters.
      1. Conference with Legal Counsel -- Existing Litigation (Gov. Code § 54956.9)
        1. The Matter of Order 2001-04 (Order 95-10 as Modified by Order 98-04) before the State Water Resources Control Board
      1. Conference with Legal Counsel -- Anticipated Litigation
        1. Significant Exposure to Litigation Exists Pursuant to Subdivision (b) (3) (D) of Gov. Code Section 54956.9 (One Case)
      1. Public Employee Performance Evaluation (Gov. Code § 54957)
        1. Conduct General Manager Quarterly Performance Appraisal