September 18, 2000 AGENDA
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    1. Consider Application to Create Monterey Bay Shores Water Distribution System

    2. ACTION: This application was denied by the Board without prejudice in October 1999. The application was resubmitted in November 1999 and includes new information regarding water quality and water rights. The Board will consider whether to approve the creation of a new water distribution system that would serve the proposed Monterey Bay Shores Resort on the west side of Highway 1 in Sand City. The primary water source would be an on-site well formerly used for industrial purposes; additional on-site wells may be drilled as back-up supply. The water source is independent of the Carmel River basin and not subject to restrictions by the State Water Resources Control Board. The Board will consider environmental, technical and water rights information about the proposed new water system prior to making a decision on the application. Public comment will be received on this item.

    3. Consider 90-Day Extension of Ordinance No. 95 - An Ordinance of the Board of Directors of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Temporarily Suspending Receipt of Applications for Water Credit Transfers

    4. ACTION: The Board will consider extending the sunset date of Ordinance No. 95 to allow additional time to determine more definitively whether or not water has been saved as a result of the District's water credit transfer program . Ordinance No. 95 provides for two 90 day extensions of the sunset date if authorized by motion at a regular Board meeting. Public comment will be received on this item.

    5. Consider First Reading of Ordinance No. 96 - An Ordinance of the Board of Directors of the Monterey Peninsula Water Management District Revising the Definition and Regulation of Water Distribution Systems (TO BE CONTINUED TO SEPTEMBER 28, 2000 MEETING)

    6. ACTION: At the August 21, 2000 meeting, the Board adopted a Negative Declaration for Ordinance No. 96 and directed that the ordinance be amended and brought back for first reading at the September 18, 2000 meeting. The proposed ordinance would change existing District rules and regulations that define and govern creation and expansion of water distribution systems, including mobile water distribution systems.

    7. Consider Adoption of Quarterly Water Supply Strategy and Budget: October - December 2000

    8. ACTION: The Board will consider approval of a proposed production strategy for the California-American Water Distribution System for the three-month period of October through December 2000. The strategy sets monthly goals for surface and groundwater production from various sources within the California-American Water System. Public comment will be received on this item.

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