This meeting has been noticed according to the Brown Act rules. The Board of Directors meets regularly on the third Monday of each month and on Thursday, ten days following the Monday meeting. The meetings begin at 7:00 PM in the Monterey City Council Chambers.


Regular Meeting

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District


June 29, 2000, 7:00 PM

Monterey City Council Chambers

Pacific and Madison, Monterey CA 93940



  3. ORAL COMMUNICATIONS Anyone wishing to address the Board on Consent Calendar, Informational Items, Staff Reports or matters not listed on the agenda may do so during Oral Communications. Please limit your comment to three minutes. The public may comment on Action and Public Hearing items at the time they are considered by the Board.

  1. CONSENT CALENDAR Routine items for which staff has prepared a recommendation. Approval of the Consent Calendar ratifies the staff recommendation. The public may address the Board on any Consent Calendar item during the Oral Communications portion of the meeting. Please limit your comments to three minutes.


ACTION: This public hearing is continued from the May 25, 2000 Board meeting. The Board will consider a request to allow residential retrofit credits for a single-family residence in Pebble Beach. Public comment will not be received on this item. Public comment was received on May 25, 2000 and the public hearing was closed at that time.

Consider Approval of Water Use Credit Transfer Requests

1. Robles Del Rio Lodge, LLC to Monterey County

      • Cypress Inn Investors, L.P. (Neilsen Buillding) to Cypress Inn
      • Lombardo & Gilles (Pine Ridge Properties) to Cypress Inn
      • Denny LeVett (El Paseo Building) to Cypress Inn
      • Zigmont J. LeTowt III (GLM Associates) to City of Carmel
      • Nick Marotta (167 Central Avenue) to City of Pacific Grove

ACTION: The Board will consider approving transfers of commercial water use credits for applications completed by June 15, 2000. Public comment will be received on this item.

C. Consider Adoption of Final Fiscal Year 2000-2001 MPWMD Budget

      • Consider Staff Compensation Request
      • Consider Adoption of MPWMD Budget

ACTION: The budget includes estimates of staff compensation, project expenses and revenue forecasts for the upcoming fiscal year. The Board will discuss the budget and consider adoption. Public comment will be received on this item.


    • Direct Staff on Processing Water Credit Transfer Applications Received Between May 15 and June 19, 2000

ACTION: Staff is requesting direction on processing water credit transfer applications received before the effective date of Ordinance No. 95. Ordinance No. 95 allows only commercial-to-commercial water credit transfers of like kind during a 90-day moratorium on water credit transfers.

ACTION: The Board will discuss the May 25, 2000 letter that was sent to the State Water Resources Control Board regarding SWRCB Order No. WR 95-10 and its application to the District's water use credit transfer program. The Board will also discuss its process for reviewing policy-related correspondence.

VIII. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS/STAFF REPORTS The public may address the Board on Informational Items and Staff Reports during the Oral Communications portion of the meeting. Please limit your comments to three minutes.

  • Letters Received
  • Committee Reports
  • Irrigation Program and Riparian Projects Report
  • Carmel River Erosion Protection and Restoration Report
  • Monthly Cal-Am Sales Report
  • Monthly Cal-Am Production Report
  • Financial Report - CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project
  • Production Report - CAWD/PBCSD Wastewater Reclamation Project
  • June 2000 Water Supply Status Report

IX. ADJOURN TO CLOSED SESSION As permitted by Government Code Section 54956 et seq., the Board may adjourn to a closed or executive session to consider specific matters dealing with pending or threatened litigation, certain personnel matters, or certain property acquisition matters.

    • Haddad v. SWRCB, et al. - Monterey Superior Court Case No. M 46808