Special Meeting/Board Workshop

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

March 27, 2008


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM in the District Conference Room.




Directors Present:

Judi Lehman, Chair – Division 2

Kristi Markey, Vice Chair -- Division 3

Alvin Edwards – Division 1

Regina Doyle – Division 4

Bob Brower – Division 5

David Pendergrass – Mayoral Representative

David Potter – Monterey County Board of Supervisors


Directors Absent:



General Manager present:  Darby Fuerst


District Counsel present:  David C. Laredo




The assembly recited the Pledge of Allegiance.




Roy Kaminski addressed the Board.  He presented a chart he developed titled CAW Diversions for its Main System and End-of-Year Usable Storage: Water Years 2004-2007 (on file at the District office).  Mr. Kaminski described his theory on how water production could remain at 11,285 acre-feet per year, and an additional 6.2 acre-feet of water per day could be saved.









Tom Bunosky, Vice President of Operations for California American Water (CAW), presented the report.  He focused the presentation on State Water Resources Control Board Order 95-10; the Draft Cease and Desist Order issued against CAW on January 15, 2008; CAWs position regarding the Draft CDO; and a progress report on completion of the Coastal Water Project EIR.   A summary of his report is on file at the District office and can be viewed on the District’s website.  Following his presentation, Mr. Bunosky responded to questions from the Board.



Receive Presentation by California American Water (CAW) on Coastal Water Project – Updated Project Proposal, Alternatives and Timeline





The following comments were directed to the Board during the public comment period on this item.  (1) George Riley raised concerns about the cost to ratepayers of a water supply project.  (2) Manuel Fierro, a resident of  Monterey asked Mr. Bunosky if CAW would build and operate a desalination plant in Moss Landing; and if CAW had solved the issue of Monterey County Ordinance No. 1072 that requires public ownership of desalination plants.  Mr. Bunosky replied that CAW is indifferent as to ownership of a desalination plant but would like to operate one, and that CAW has not obtained a site for a plant in Moss Landing.  He stated that Monterey County Ordinance 1072 is still an issue.  Mr. Fierro asked Director Potter if the Coastal Commission would allow the construction of several small desalination plants in the Monterey Bay area. Director Potter replied that the Commission does not have a position on the question of multiple desalination facilities versus one large facility.








Director Potter made a motion to approve the staff recommendation that  information provided in proposals by Camp Dresser & McKee Inc, and Jones & Stokes Associates be refined and presented to the Board at the April 21, 2008 meeting.  The motion was seconded by Director Brower.


Director Markey offered an amendment, requesting that Camp Dresser & McKee provide a description of any potential conflicts with the Sand City Desalination Project, and address other questions raised by the Directors.  There was no second to the motion.


Director Potter’s original motion was approved unanimously on a vote of 7 – 0.   The Directors were encouraged to convey to District staff specific issues that should be addressed by the consultants.


(1) George Riley opined that due to the City of Sand City’s plans to construct a desalination project, Director Pendergrass has a conflict of interest in regards to supporting a regional water supply solution and he should resign from his position as the Monterey County Mayors Association representative to the MPWMD Board of Directors.  (2) Manuel Fierro, a resident of Monterey, expressed support for public ownership of a new water supply project.



Receive MPWMD Staff Report on Requirements to Update MPWMD Seawater Desalination Project in Sand City and Consider Approval of Preliminary Expenditures





Director Brower made a motion that the Board’s highest priority among the seven projects listed in the Matrix of Water Supply Alternatives, should be the District’s proposed 8,400 acre-feet per year seawater desalination project in Sand City.  In addition, the project should be known as the “95-10 Project.”  The motion was seconded by Director Lehman and adopted on a vote of 6 – 1.  Directors Brower, Doyle, Edwards, Lehman, Markey and Potter voted in favor of the motion.  Director Pendergrass was opposed.



Discuss and Provide Direction for MPWMD Water Supply Project Options for the Monterey Peninsula Area




Following the staff presentation on this item, David Armanasco of Armanasco Public Relations, and Skip Griffin of Water Standard Company gave a brief presentation on the Seawater Desalination Vessel alternative.  Manuel Fierro addressed the Board during the public comment period on this item.  He noted that the Community Advisory Committee had expressed concern about visual impacts of the seawater conversion vessels.






The meeting was adjourned at 9:20 PM.






                                                                                    Darby Fuerst, Secretary to the Board