Strategic Planning Retreat

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

April 19, 2007



The meeting was called to order at 8 AM in the Carmelo Room of the Carmel Mission Inn.


            Directors Present:         David Pendergrass, Chair – Mayoral Representative

                                    Alvin Edwards, Vice Chair – Division 1

                                    Judi Lehman – Division 2

                                    Michelle Knight – Division 4

                                    Larry Foy – Division 5

                        David Potter – Monterey County Board of Supervisors (left the meeting at approximately 12:30 PM.


Directors Absent:          Kristi Markey, Division 3


Staff Present                 David Berger, General Manager

Andy Bell, Planning & Engineering Manager/District Engineer

Rick Dickhaut, Administrative Services Manager/Chief Financial Officer

                                    Darby Fuerst, Water Resources Manager

                                    Stephanie Pintar, Water Demand Manager

                                    Joe Oliver, Senior Hydrogeologist

                                    Inder Osahan, Chief Technology Officer                        

Henrietta Stern, Project Manager/Public Information Rep.

Arlene Tavani, Executive Assistant


District Counsel:            David C. Laredo

                                    Heidi Quinn, Associate Counsel                         


Marilyn Snider, of Snider and Associates, facilitated the meeting.  She welcomed the meeting participants and members of the audience.  The group addressed each item on the meeting agenda (listed below).  A record of the discussion is included as Attachment 1.


No comments were given by the public during the public comment period.


The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:00 PM.





Welcome, Purpose of Retreat, Introduction of the Facilitator and Recorder                      


Public Comment


Role of the Facilitator, Recorder, Group and Public: Strategic Planning Elements: Agenda


Introductions of the Group



·         Mission/Purpose Statement

·         Three-Year Goals (2006-2009)


What are the MPWMD’s Weaknesses/Challenges (e.g., what is not going as well as you would like internally)?


What are the External Factors/Trends (e.g. economic, political, environmental, technological, and demographic) that Will/Might Have an Impact on MPWMD in 2007:

·         Positively (opportunities)?

·         Negatively (threats)?


Identify Core Values/Guiding Principles for the MPWMD

·         Brainstorm Values

·         By Consensus, Select 5 – 7 Core Values


Review and Revise, if Needed, the Three-Year Goals (what needs to be accomplished)


Identify Six-Month Strategic Objectives (how the goals will be addressed – by when, who will be accountable, for what specific, measurable results) for Each of the Three-Year Goals


What are the Pros and Cons of Establishing a Campaign Finance Ordinance?


Next Steps/Follow-Up Process to Monitor Progress on the Goals and Objectives (including setting a date for a six-month follow-up)


Summary of the Retreat and Closing Remarks – Marilyn Snider







                                                                                    David A. Berger, Secretary to the Board