Strategic Planning Session of the

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

September 29, 2004



1.                   Welcome

Chair Edwards welcomed the Directors, staff and members of the audience.


Directors present:  Chair:  Alvin Edwards, Division 1

                                   Vice Chair:  Larry Foy, Division 5

                                   Judi Lehman, Division 2

                                   Kristi Markey, Division 3

                                   Michelle Knight, Division 4

                                   David Potter, Monterey County Board of Supervisors


Directors absent:    David Pendergrass, Mayoral Representative


General Manager:    David A. Berger


District Counsel:     David C. Laredo


Staff Participants:    Joe Oliver, Water Resources Manager

                                   Darby Fuerst, Senior Hydrologist

                                   Andy Bell, Planning & Engineering Manager/District Engineer

                                   Henrietta Stern, Project Manager/Public Information Representative

                                   Rick Dickhaut, Administrative Services Manager/Chief Financial Officer

                                   Stephanie Pintar, Water Demand Manager


Facilitator:                Eileen Goodwin, Apex Strategies


2.                   Pledge of Allegiance  

The assembly recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


3.                   Review of Agenda and Process – Eileen Goodwin, Facilitator


4.                   Review Existing Mission and Vision Statements and Strategic Plan

Refer to record of the meeting, provided as Attachment 1.


5.                   Create New Strategic Plan Goals and Objectives

·         Fiscal Condition

·         Community Image

·         Administrative Services Division

·         Water Demand Division

·         Break

·         Water Resources Division

·         Planning and Engineering Division

·         Other Issues

Refer to record of the meeting, provided as Attachment 1.


6.                   Lunch – Noon to 1 PM


7.                   Long-Term Water Supply Alternatives Matrix

Refer to record of the meeting, provided as Attachment 1, and document entitled Comparison of Five Water Supply Options provided as Attachment 2.


8.                   Community Input

The following comments were directed to the Board.  (1) John Fischer, resident of Pacific Grove, recommended that the Board gather a peer group together to review the various desalination project proposals to determine which is feasible and how each would affect the environment.  He stated that California-American Water (Cal-Am) should be required to complete capital improvements on its water distribution system.  Mr. Fischer asked District staff to explain the reference to “Rule 24” in an email he received recently from the Public Utilities Commission (PUC).   District Counsel Laredo responded that when Cal-Am submitted its application to the PUC to construct the Coastal Water Project, the Proponent’s Environmental Assessment (PEA) was not included.  The PUC Administrative Law Judge has determined that the application was not complete since the PEA was not submitted with the application.  (2) Ted Hunter, resident of Pebble Beach, complimented the Board and staff on spending the entire day working on the issues that are most important to the future of the community.  He urged the Board to hire a public relations consultant who can work on educating the public about the good work done by the District.  (3) Eric Tynan, Manager of the Castroville Water District,  asked why the Pajaro/Sunny Mesa Community Services District, which has approximately 800 connections, was poised to develop a regional water project to serve customers so far south of its service area.  (4) Madeline Clark, resident of North Monterey County, proposed that a regional water board be formed.  It could be made up of five elected members of the MPWMD and four appointed members of the Monterey County Water Resources Agency.  Eventually, the regional board could be made up of  a representative from each Supervisorial District and four representatives elected at large from the County of Monterey.  She urged the District to take the leadership responsibility in moving ahead on formation of the regional board.


9.                   Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Refer to record of the meeting provided as Attachment 1.


10.                Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 3:45 PM







                                                                                                        David A. Berger, Secretary to the Board