Board Workshop

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

March 31, 2004 -- 3:00 PM Session


The meeting was called to order at 3:32 PM in the District Conference Room.


Directors present:

Alvin Edwards, Chair – Division 1

Larry Foy, Vice Chair – Division 5

Judi Lehman, Division 2

Michelle Knight, Division 4

David Pendergrass, Mayoral Representative

David Potter, Monterey County Board of Supervisors


Directors absent:

Kristi Markey, Division 3


Acting General Manager present:  Rick Dickhaut


District Counsel present:  David C. Laredo


The assembly recited the Pledge of Allegiance.


No comments were directed to the Board during Oral Communications.


District Counsel David Laredo reported that the Board of Directors met in closed session from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM to discuss matters listed on the agenda.  District Counsel provided status reports to the Board.  No reportable action was taken.


Rick Dickhaut, Administrative Services Manager/Chief Financial Officer, gave a presentation to the Board on the current fiscal budget and projected revenue and expenditures for the 2004-2005 fiscal year.  Mr. Dickhaut presented possible areas the District could reduce its expenditures as well as suggestions for increasing revenues for the District.  The presentation is on file at the District office. 


District Counsel Laredo provided additional information to the Board on potential areas the District could increase revenues as well as the history of the District’s user fee.  The Board received the information and asked questions of staff and counsel.


After receiving the information from staff and District counsel, the following comments were given by the Board.  (1) Director Lehman asked staff to outline the community benefit of the District programs, such as the Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) and mitigation programs, and analyze what percentage the District could consider partnering with other agencies.  (2) Director Knight asked staff to present a budget with a 10% reduction that also shows what areas would be impacted.  She suggested the Board consider conducting its monthly meetings at the District office in an attempt to reduce facility rental costs.  (3) Director Edwards asked that the revised budget include reductions for consultants but not to consider reductions in personnel costs.  (4) Director Potter asked staff to review the District’s operations and determine the potential for partnering with other agencies on projects such as ASR.  Staff should also determine all costs associated with the projects that could possibly be transferred to other agencies.  (5) Director Foy asked the division managers to take a strong look at their programs and determine which programs are needed in the immediate future and which could be deferred. 


The following comment was directed to the Board during the public comment period on this item.  (1) John Fischer, resident of Pacific Grove, asked the Board to consider its options to improve the financial status of the District.  He also stated his opinion that the public will not be very eager to support an increase in user fees.


Director Potter made a motion to add this item to the agenda.  Director Knight seconded the motion.  Motion was approved 6-0.


Director Edwards asked to add an emergency Action Item to the 3:30 PM agenda regarding a memo sent to the Board via facsimile on March 30, 2004 at 7:39 PM by Senator Bruce McPherson requesting a response on draft amendments to Senate Bill 149 and 1529.  After some discussion, the Board unanimously agreed to take action on this item at the 7:00 PM session and asked for a general overview from District counsel.  After some discussion, the Board elected to take action on this item at the 3:30 PM session. 


Director Potter made a motion that a letter be developed for signature by the Chair to contain the following:  (1) include language that the draft amendments as crafted are not acceptable; (2) that the District would like to be more involved in the legislative process and would like to invite Senator McPherson and Assemblyman Laird to meet with the Board and discuss these bills at a scheduled special Board meeting; and (3) have the Senator provide a more specific time table for the bill.



Director Lehman moved to amend the motion to include language requesting that the existing structure and composition of the Board remain intact and without change.  Directors Potter and Knight accepted the amendment to the motion. The amended motion was adopted on a 5-1 vote.  Directors Lehman, Edwards, Foy, Potter and Knight voted in favor of the motion.  Director Pendergrass was opposed.  Director Markey was absent.


The meeting was adjourned to Closed Session at 5:15 PM.


At 6:30 PM the Closed Session meeting was adjourned to the 7:00 PM workshop.











Call to Order/Roll Call


















Pledge of Allegiance


Oral Communications



1.          Report from District Counsel on March 29, 2004 Closed Session of the Board





2.          Discuss MPWMD 2004-2005 Budget






































3.       Receive Public Comment








4.       Emergency Item—Discuss Memorandum from Senator Bruce McPherson re Senate Bill 149 and 1529

































5.       Adjourn to Closed Session



6.       Adjourn to 7 PM Session











Fran Farina, Secretary to the Board