Strategic Planning Session

Board of Directors

Monterey Peninsula Water Management District

July 9, 2001

I. Call to Order/Roll Call

The meeting was called to order at 9:10 AM in the District conference room.

Board members present:

David Potter, Chair - Representing Monterey County Board of Supervisors

Alvin Edwards, Vice Chair - Division 1

Ron Chesshire - Division 2

Molly Erickson - Division 3

Kris Lindstrom - Division 4

Alexander "Zan" Henson - Division 5

David Pendergrass - Mayoral Representative

District Counsel present: David Laredo

Staff present: Ernesto A. Avila, General Manager

Andy Bell, Planning and Engineering Manager

Joe Oliver, Water Resources Manager/District Engineer

Stephanie Pintar, Water Demand Manager

Darby Fuerst, Senior Hydrologist

Henrietta Stern, Project Manager/Public Information Representative

Sara Ramos, Senior Office Specialist

Arlene Tavani, Executive Assistant

Others present: Richard Garcia, Facilitator - RJA Management, Inc.

Don McIntyre

Ed Adjayan

II. Pledge of Allegiance

The assembly recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

III. Oral Communications

There were no comments from the public.

IV. Discussion of Organizational Audit Key Findings and Recommendations

Don McIntyre and Ed Adjayan, authors of the study entitled Organization Audit, Monterey Peninsula Water Management District reviewed the recommendations outlined in the report. Mr. McIntyre stated that it would take several years to implement all the recommendations. He urged the Board to work with San Diego Dialogue, a company that specializes in bringing the community together on major issues, as a means to separate the District's mission from the growth-no-growth controversy. Mr. Adjayan suggested that the District modify the fixture-unit method of estimating water use capacity, and develop a method based on historic use. He referred to the Irvine Ranch Water District that bases water use capacity on historical use plus a minimum use for each customer.

Mr. Garcia reviewed a list of issues that the Board had expressed agreement on at the January 2001 strategic planning session. He listed topics that were addressed in the Management Audit and commented briefly on the corresponding recommendations. Mr. Garcia noted that in developing a strategic plan for the District, the Board must define potential actions that are strategic and those that could be considered tactical.

V. Discussion of the Role and Responsibilities of the Board Chair

Mr. McIntyre presented a document entitled Code of Conduct for Governing Board Members. The Board discussed the ideas presented in the document and their concerns about defining the role of the Board Chair. In addition, questions were raised about the use of email when corresponding with Directors, and how to avoid any conflict with the Brown Act. District Council Laredo stated that he would prepare a memorandum to the Board on the subject. The Directors agreed that a Code of Conduct should be adopted. The Rules and Regulations Review Committee was charged to review the Code of Conduct presented by Mr. McIntyre and develop a document for presentation to the full Board.

VI. A Discussion of Long and Short-Term Goals of the District

The Directors discussed the need to identify the long and short-term water augmentation goals of the District. They spoke briefly on whether or not the District's vision statement should be amended. It was suggested that the words "By the year 2005" might no longer be relevant.

VII. Presentation of General Manager's Six-Month Operations Plan

General Manager Ernesto Avila presented a six-month operations plan that is on file at the District office. During the discussion, the Directors agreed that it was important to develop long and short-term goals and associated time lines as soon as possible. There was also a request for staff to more clearly communicate what project's the District has taken on and the plan to complete those projects. Mr. Adjayan advised the Board that they were responsible to prioritize projects for the General Manager.

VIII. Review of District Action Plans to Clearly Identify Who? What? When? How? Etc.

It was decided that a strategic planning session should be conducted in September to review an interim work plan, and to resolve the philosophical issues regarding the mission and vision of the District. At that meeting, the General Manager will present an interim work plan that will list potential projects, staff resource commitments, time lines, and recommended budget changes. The Board could use that interim work plan to identify priorities. At a subsequent meeting, District staff could present an updated assessment of the resources needed to accomplish those priorities. At that time, a final work plan could be developed.

IX. Public Comment

Jim Hughes urged the Board to discuss policy issues at the strategic planning sessions. He stated that decisions regarding the amount of water needed to augment the local water supply should not be made in strategic planning sessions. Those decisions should be determined by the general plans of local jurisdictions. He advised the Board to focus on its role as a resources agency.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 1 PM. The meeting notes recorded by the facilitator are included as Attachment 1.


Ernesto A. Avila, Secretary to the Board

Record of July 9, 2001 Stratetic Planning Session

Recorded by Richad Garcia

Page 1 notes


Focus IT Expansion

Leadership Staff Development

Strategic Plan Code of Behavior

Communication Relationship Building

Corporate Culture Culture Clash

Information - More is Good

Fixture Counting - Questionable


Budget-Performance Measures

Employee Evaluations

Page 2 notes

G.M. should hold organization accountable

Bd. holds GM/GC accountable

Ensure sound fiscal management (charge)

G.C. Legal Advocate for District

Page 3 notes

Action Plan

Meet in September

Vision/Mission Statements

Interim Work Plan

Staff Resource Commitment

Time Lines

Recommended Budget Adjustment




Specific Time Lines


A. Tavani, Strategic Planning Session, 8/14/2001, 5 pages