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Text Box: Financial Update
Total revenues received in FY 2003-04 was $3,919,727 while expenditures totaled $4,843,346.  The difference of $913,239 was funded from general operating reserves set aside in previous years to fund projects such as those the District is currently pursuing.  As of June 30, 2004, a balance of $2,609,779 remained in the general operating reserves account.
The adopted Budget for FY 2004-05 anticipates revenues of $3,669,000 and expenditures of $4,726,300 combined with the use of an additional $1,057,300 in general operating reserves.  As a part of its budget-balancing plan, the State  of California will receive approximately $190,000 of the District’s property tax revenues in each of the next two years.  The FY 2004-05 budget factors in the reduction for the first year’s shifting of these revenues to the State.
In late 2004, the District opted to expand the budget to a program and performance based budget for FY 2005-06.  A series of strategies for balancing that budget with a diminished use of general operating reserves was developed by staff and adopted by the Board.  The strategies include replenishing the general operating reserves in future years.

Text Box: Staff Members Recognized for Outstanding Performance

Text Box: The “Distinguished Dowser Award” recognizes a staff member’s outstanding effort and performance above and beyond his/her normal duties.  The award is typically presented monthly at the employee staff meeting.  Pictured from left to right are the 2004 receipients:Rob Cline, Larry Hampson, Dave Dettman, Thomas Christensen, Greg James, Sara Ramos, Cynthia Schmidlin, Debbie Martin, Henrietta Stern, Tom Lindberg, and Arlene Tavani.  Not pictured: Gabby Ayala