Text Box: Environmental Protection
§ Obtained key federal permit for comprehensive Carmel River management activities focusing on protection of threatened steelhead fish and riparian (streamside vegetation) corridor.
§ Rescued over 17,000 young steelhead from drying reaches of the Carmel River and transported them to the  
      District’s Sleepy Hollow Rearing Facility for later release.
§ Counted 388 adult steelhead at the San Clemente Dam fish ladder to assess the health of the population.
§ Maintained Carmel River by removing trash/debris and irrigating trees/shrubs to enhance riverbank stability.

Text Box: Water Supply
§ Presented a comprehensive matrix on water project concepts to facilitate comparison and discussion of next steps.  Projects included three seawater desalination plants, aquifer storage and recovery (ASR) in the Seaside Basin, and two types of reclaimed water projects.
§ Initiated Environmental Impact Report (EIR) on long-term MPWMD Phase 1 ASR project.  The ASR project will reduce pumping impacts to the Carmel River and help restore the depleted Seaside Basin coastal subareas.
§ Obtained temporary water rights to divert Carmel River excess winter flow and inject it into the Seaside Basin via the District’s ASR test project.  Successfully injected 160 acre-feet of water, conducted water quality studies and provided approximately 700 acre-feet of emergency supply to the Cal-Am system.
§ Initiated Seaside Basin Groundwater Management Plan in compliance with protocols set by the State of California.

Text Box: Year 2004 Accomplishments and Milestones
The District’s Board and staff achieved the following accomplishments in calendar year 2004:
§ Approved 206 rebate applications for a total of $25,985 resulting in annual water savings of 5.188 acre-feet.
§ Issued 1,217 water permits and performed 1,587 inspections resulting in annual water savings of 14.122 acre-feet.
§ Conducted water conservation seminars for local homeowners, college students and realtors.
§ Installed different types of advanced technology water saving toilets at District office for testing and demonstration.
§ Installed and tested advanced technology irrigation controller at District office resulting in an immediate reduction of 37.5% water use.
§ Guided Cal-Am during Stage 3 Conservation to implement urgent water conservation campaign to stay within state imposed production limits.

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